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Body language and the art of non verbal communication

We are always communicating, even when we are not speaking, yet it’s surprising how few of us are aware of what our body language is actually saying.
People tend to convey their honest feelings with their bodies and gestures, as it is not a conscious form of communicating. Knowing how to interpret this body language is useful. It will give you genuine insights into how people are feeling, despite what they are saying, and also into how you are unconsciously conveying yourself to others.




In a session we focus on:

•   Positioning: How we position our bodies
•   Facial expressions: What our face and eyes are doing
•   Proximity: The distance between us and others
•   Touching: Both ourselves, other people and objects
•   Breathing: What the rate and type of our breathing reveals

We will also look into other areas of body language such as which part of the body is most likely to convey how we really feel about a situation most, how we display confidence, what our hands are saying and much more.



Becoming aware of your own body language will make you more mindful on how you present yourself and what signals you send to those around you. It’s a useful skill set when you find yourself in slightly daunting situations. Having the tools to calm yourself down when nervous, and having a basic knowledge on how to appear more relaxed and confident can be life changing.

Actively reading the body language of others will bring you beneficial insight and improve your communication. The ability to interpret non-verbal communication is a skill that will benefit all areas of your life.

  • Your career - whether you are a public speaker, in sales meetings, conducting interviews, in management or negotiating your salary.
  • Your personal relationships - whether with your friends, on a date, meeting new people or visiting your in-laws.

By correctly interpreting what others are telling us and also what we are saying with our bodies, we can learn to enhance our communication skills as well as our wellbeing.



How to start

Book a free initial consultancy meeting either by phone or in person.

In the initial consultation we will:

•   Talk about the situations you feel could improve
•   Get an understanding of your background
•   Agree on level of services required

Sessions can be conducted as One-to-One or group workshops.

One-to-one session rate: £120 per hour
Group workshop: price upon request

“Wow that was so interesting. I didn’t know what I was putting out there. I am much more aware of my surroundings and in work meetings I’m now evaluating peoples body language versus what they are saying”
— Oscar, London

Worthwhile Communication

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