Worthwhile Dance

A dance meditation

Worthwhile Dance Meditation helps you recharge and take a step back from the distractions of modern life.
It is an invitation to get out of your head and tune into your body whilst moving to music.
Worthwhile Me Dance Meditation is designed to assist you letting go and relax, and thereby support you accessing the inner stillness available to us all.



Julie will guide you through 45 min of uninhibited dancing followed by 15 min of total relaxation and reflection/meditation. It’s a space in which you can let yourself go, let the music take over and not worry about a thing.Through specially selected music, Julie creates an environment that encourages you to be yourself.



There are no explanations as to why humans dance. Actively taking time out in our busy schedules and dedicating it to something as irrational as dancing is so refreshing for our entire sense of wellbeing.
The impact that mental and physical wellness has on our productivity is well established. Giving yourself time to ‘not focus’. No goal, only the journey. To allow what comes up and to have a little dance with it.

A wise mother once told her daughter, who was suffering from heartache: ‘Then, my love, you haven’t danced enough..’  The inner space we can access when dancing can be so invigorating for our entire system. It’s the invitation to connect to yourself and unless we make time to actively go there, it's not an inner space many of us enter in our daily busy lives.


How to start

Classes are offered on a bi-weekly basis in Clerkenwell London. See schedule for more information. All age groups welcome, no experience necessary.

 Session rate: £10

“One of the only parts of my week where I can truly let go. As our eyes are all closed there is no feeling of judgement. I get to dance angry, happy, mad, free using the music to channel these energies and at the end it’s like I’m a different me! Julie herself truly radiates good-natured energy which is catchy”
— Victoria

Worthwhile Dance

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